3 Ways Marketers Can Generate Deeper Customer Insights

One of the biggest challenges faced by B2B companies is the lack of customer understanding. It is imperative for marketers to have a deeper understanding of the business-related issues faced by their customers and this is where customer insights come into play. 

Customer insights in B2B marketing are interpretations of quantitative and qualitative data derived mainly from customer feedback and other sources. Companies can use these insights to improve the effectiveness of marketing, sales, and other business processes. Dive in to learn more about how marketers can generate better customer insights: 

  • Behavioral Data 

Behavioral data refers to the data you collect on how consumers interact with your products and services. The best way to collect behavioral data is via website or social media analytics. These insights can help B2B marketing services gain insights into the obstructions in the customer journey that prevent them from buying. 

  • Support Tickets 

Your support team serves as another great source of customer insights. More than 60% businesses maintain that customer feedback from support tickets or similar methods had a crucial impact on future decision-making. 

If your consumers are having trouble with regard to your products or services, they will head over to customer support. A B2B marketing agency should be on the lookout for common themes in support tickets as these will help them identify the pain points that require a complete overhaul. 

  • Chatbot Data 

This unique method of generating customer insights applies to companies that have set chatbots in place to improve customer service. Besides offering customer service, chatbots can also improve customer experience substantially. A B2B marketing company can easily key into the problems faced by customers by keying into chatbot data. 

To Sum Up 

Customer insights is the secret weapon that successful organizations employ to improve customer experience. B2B companies can not only use insights to optimize their products and services but they can also use the insights to attract brand new customers.

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