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Class KG - XII

• From KG- 4th • From 5th – 8th • From 9th – 12th • English • Weekly Quiz

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Numeracy is defined as the capacity to recognise and apply mathematical concepts in all aspects of life. Everyday activities such as counting, seeing shapes, and discussing sizes can help youngsters acquire early numeracy and math skills. Through many practise worksheets, our curriculum gives the much-needed repetition needed to learn subjects.


Alphabets, Animals, Birds, Fruits & Vegetables, Good Habits, etc

In each class, we will learn a new nursery rhyme together. We will search for rhyming terms in each rhyme and then recollect and sequence the rhyme.

Rhymes develop:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Rhyme repetition promotes language growth and memory strengthening.
  • Nursery rhymes help children make assumptions about new words and improve their reading comprehension.
  • Nursery Rhymes are written in patterns, making them easier to remember.

Nursery Rhymes can also help with speech development.


Clap Clap, Dip Dip, Pussy Cat, Marry had Little Lamp, etc

A systematic numeracy curriculum that progresses from concrete to graphical to abstract concepts. Through many practise worksheets, our curriculum gives the much-needed repetition needed to learn subjects.


Counting and Cardinality

Numbers in Base Ten

Measurement-Directly compare objects with measurable attributes

Classify and Sorting Data

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Environmental study is focused on an in-depth analysis of various environmental systems. Its goal is to train individuals to perform scientific work and to discover practical answers to current environmental concerns. Our curriculum provides vast knowledge of environmental studies ranging from knowledge of basic things like Air and Water, Animal life and food to depth knowledge in classes 2 and 3 with topics like Plant Life, Means of Communication, Good Habits, Sources of Food, Direction and Time etc.

Numeracy is essential for individuals to establish logical thinking and reasoning strategies in their daily activities. Our course teaches counting up to 99, Basic addition and subtraction, money, measurement, patterns, Tim, Number Facts, Geometry etc.

Our English curriculum uses systematic, time-tested ways to introduce students to the English language and develop them into fluent readers at a young age.

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