IAS Topper Gamini Singla UPSC Rank, Marksheet, Age, Family, Education & Biography

On May 30 20 22 the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam 2021 final result was announced. All the first three positions were secured by women. Among them, Gamini Singla, a native of Chandigarh got 1045 marks out of 2025 marks and achieved the air 3 and UPSC CSE exam 2021. She is hard working and dedicated towards her goal. This was her second attempt and scored All India Rank 3 in the UPSC exam. Her optional Subject was Sociology for the UPSC Mains exam. She was highly inspired by her role models Kiran Bedi and Navjot Simmi, who are respectable IPS Officers. She gives all the credit of her success to her family as they were her support system.

Singla proves that anyone can fulfill their goal who has capability of hard work, patience and dedication. In this article you will know more about Gamini Singla’s UPSC journey and inspired by it, Gamini Singla UPSC, Gamini Singla UPSC marksheet, Gamini Singla rank,Gamini Singla IAS, Gamini Singla IAS age, Gamini Singla UPSC biography, Gemini Singla optional, Gamini Singla coaching, Gamini Singla attempt, Gamini Singla book list, Gamini Singla marks, Gamini Singla rank, Gamini Singla IAS family, Gamini Singla IAS posting.

IAS Gamini Singla Rank 3 UPSC CSE 2021
ROLL NO.3524519
IAS Gamini Singla UPSC brief information

Gamini Singla UPSC biography

A 23-year-old girl from Anandpur Sahib, Punjab. Who got AIR 3 rank in the Union Public Service Commission, named, Gamini Singla. She completed her BTech in Computer science Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (2017-2021). During college, she was always interested in co-curricular activities and participated in them. She has a hobby of participating in MUN, which is an activity that models the United Nations meetings and assemblies to teach children how to behave like delegates.

In 2019, she participated in various All India Political Party meets and also got the title of Director-General of the PECMUN 6.0. She worked for a 6-month short period at JP Morgan Chase & Co. in 2018. 

Gamini Singla UPSC topper 2021 mentions that her parents and brother were her big support, emotionally and mentally in her success in the UPSC exam. Becoming an IAS officer was her childhood dream. Her name means someone who is always on the move. Émily Durkheim, a French sociologist, is her favourite sociological thinker. 

This was her second attempt and she achieved success and got AIR 3 in 2021 in the Union Public Service Commission examination. Damini Singla, UPSC topper says that women are capable of achieving anything through their hard work and dedication. IAS was her first choice and IPS second in her UPSC examination 2021. She wants to work for the development of the country and the welfare of the people. Her two role models are respectable IPS officers: – Kiran Bedi and Navjot Simmi. 

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Gamini Singla UPSC Educational Background

Damini Singla UPSC topper completed High school at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab.

For senior secondary school, she went to Mount Carmel School.

She completed her b.tech in Computer science Engineering from Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh in 2019.

Her professor Rajesh Bhatiya says, “She was the class representative, and she got a job offer during campus placements, but she did not join because she wanted to pursue civil services.”

Singla also received a placement offer as a Finance Analyst from JP Morgan but didn’t accept it because she wanted to pursue her dream for the UPSC.

Right after graduation, she started preparing for the exam. She took sociology as an optional subject.

In her second attempt, Damini emerged as an IAS topper, who was unable to clear Prelims in her first attempt.

Gamini Singla UPSC: – Family

Damini Singla a native from Anandpur Sahib, Punjab. Her parents Dr Alok Singla and Dr Neerja Singla are medical officers in Himachal Pradesh and her brother is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur.  Gamini gives all the credit to her family for being so supportive towards her success in the preparation for the UPSC examination. Morally and emotionally her family supported her dream of becoming an IAS officer. In an interview, she says,” You won’t believe it but my father has helped me a lot with my studies. He would read the newspaper and mark things for me so that I could save time. He made sure I wouldn’t miss any important points for the Prelims or Mains.” 

IAS Gamini Singla UPSC topper interview

Gamini Singla UPSC Marksheet

Marks obtain by Gamini Singla UPSC topper AIR 3, 2021

Gamini Singla UPSC Optional Subject

Sociology was IAS Gamini Singla UPSC optional subject. According to her in her mains preparation, she focuses on writing practice. And sociology was her optional subject in the main exam. She took the help of the internet where standard books failed to clear the concept.

IAS Gamini Singla UPSC Handwritten Notes

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Gamini Singla UPSC preparation strategy

Damini Sinha UPSC preparation relied on self-study for the Union Public Service Commission exam. The following are some tips we shared by her that help her in qualifying the exams: –

To clear the concepts and strengthen the base, prepare NCERT from classes 6 to 12th.

For prelims, Mains and Interviews all three stages required reading newspapers and current affairs magazines.

Her studying hours are 9-10 every day. She prepares the study timetable and makes her strategy for herself after failing for the first time in the UPSC exam.

Solving as many as she could for prelims helps her to get enough practice for the Union Public Service Commission examination.

She also solved previous year’s UPSC Prelims question papers for a better understanding of the nature of the questions asked in the UPSC Prelims examination. 

According to her in her mains preparation, she focuses on writing practice. And sociology was her optional subject in the main exam.

To understand various topics, she took the help of the internet where standard books failed to clear the concept. To make balance her preparations she took a break from social media until she clears the UPSC exams.

She also mentions some few lines for future aspirants and says,”Along with your hard work, the strategy also plays an important role. So, reflect on your mistakes, as to why you have failed in the previous attempts. Carve out a unique strategy. You need not follow someone, just have a unique strategy and work hard. Because there is no substitute to hard work in this examination.”

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