IAS Topper Meera K UPSC Rank- 6, 2020, Marksheet, Age, Family, Education & Biography

A brilliant girl of Kerela, Meera K, who believes in her principles and hard work to achieve her goal and become, the ‘MEERA K IAS’ topper in the UPSC CSE Exam 2020. Meera K IAS topper obtain AIR 6 among total number of 2053 candidates who appeared for interview round. Meera K IAS Marksheet contains 1041 in Final Total marks, in which 835 in written total and 206 in personality test. She quits her well-paying job to fulfill her dream of becoming IAS officer.

IAS Topper Meera K UPSC AIR 6, 2020

In this article you will come across the relevant details regarding Meera K IAS, Meera K IAS Marksheet, Meera K IAS 6th rank, Meera K IAS Biography, K Meera UPSC, Meera K IAS age, Meera K IAS Education. Hope you will find the content useful and helpful.

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K Meera UPSC topper brief information

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Meera K IAS Biography

Meera K IAS, topper is a native of a small town in Thrissur, Kerala. She is passionate and determined. Her success was not relied on to follow someone’s strategies. She is the boss of her principles and rules. She did not follow any strategy mentioned by previous UPSC toppers.

Instead, she believes one has strategies and ideas to overcome the situation and prepare themselves. She quits her well-paying job in Bangalore and starts her journey with UPSC preparations. Although she faces failures in her journey that she secure AIR 6 in the UPSC exam 2020.

Meera K completes her B. tech in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College Thrissur in Kerela. From there she got a job in Bangalore through campus selection. Becoming IAS was her childhood dream. In her first attempt, she could not even clear the pre-exam. But she did not give up and continued her preparation and decided to give the exam again. But the result was the same in the second and third attempts. Still, she did not lose hope and her confidence and continued her preparation. In her fourth attempt, she shines with joy at AIR 6 and made her parents proud.

Meera K IAS’s optional subject was Sociology in the UPSC exam 2020. She fails and learns from her failure; she is confident and optimistic. Her hard work helps her to achieve her goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Meera K IAS Family Background

Ias Meera K’s father, K Ramadas owns a construction company, and her mother K Radhika works as a teacher at Mundathikkode’s NSS high school. she also has a sister named Vrinda who works at Goldman Sachs. Her parents are so proud that their girl become an IAS. Meera K mentions that becoming IAS officer was her mother’s dream and she carried it forward as her dream. Whole Kerala is proud and shown respect towards this bright youth.

IAS Meera K AIR 6 UPSC CSE 2020

Meera K IAS Education

Meera K IAS is a native of Kerala, she completed her school in Kerala and graduated too. She completed her B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Thrissur in 2016. Ms. Meera graduated from Kulapathi Munshi Bhavans Vidyamandir in Pottere with a higher secondary education. Through campus selection, K Meera got a job in Bangalore where she got good salary and employment services. But her dream to become an IAS Officer, brings her back to Kerala. She quit her job and started preparation for UPSC exam seriously from Kerala.

Meera K IAS Marksheet

K Meera UPSC Marksheet

Meera K IAS Optional Subject

UPSC topper Meera K IAS’s optional subject was sociology. She scored 1041 in the final total in which her written total was 853 and, on the personality, a test she got 206 in the UPSC CSE 2020. In her interview, she said that anyone can dream to become IAS and can clear the UPSC Exam. But the person should be focused and has the will to serve society. help others and think about others’ wellness.

IAS Meera K UPSC Handwritten Notes

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Meera K IAS Strategy

Meera K believes that candidates should first focus on preparing for Prelims exam UPSC. They should have constant focus on current affairs, reading the newspaper. Powering up your base with help of NCERT book is important.

Making notes and daily revisions will result in success. Meera believes that one should understand the syllabus properly. Then prepared the study material according to prepare for the UPSC exam.

She believes one should have their own strategy for preparation, because everyone is different and have different choices and preferences.

Meera K Advise to UPSC Aspirant

Meera K says, ” My advice to UPSC aspirants will be to formulate your own strategy for success. You may take the positives from mentors, toppers, or coaching institutes. But don’t blindly follow or copy any strategy. Know your strengths and weakness and prepare your own personalized study plan.”

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