IAS Topper Yaksh Chaudhary UPSC Rank, Marksheet, Age, Family, Education & Biography

The farmer’s son from Uttar Pradesh, who received a government scholarship intended to assist deserving but low-income students, is now on track to join the IAS. His mission is to benefit society. Yaksh Chaudhary is an inspiration to many since he persisted in his schooling despite difficulties and setbacks. Yaksh, a future IAS, passed the test on his third try. Yaksh was unfazed by his setback and persisted in raising his performance with each IAS exam try. He was able to pass the preliminary exams on his first try in 2019. In his third attempt, Yaksh not only aced the UPSC Civil Service Exam but also received the All India Rank 6th after passing the preliminaries in his second attempt but failing the mains and interview rounds. He used the online learning portal Unacademy for his second attempt.

IAS Topper Yaksh Chaudhary UPSC AIR-6, 2021

Yaksh, an Amroha district native from Uttar Pradesh, has always been a diligent student. Yaksh, who comes from a middle-class family, attended IIT Guwahati for his BTech in civil engineering thanks to a government merit-plus-means scholarship. He started training for the civil services right once, in contrast to many of his friends who did so after receiving an IIT degree and accepting positions through university placement.

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Yaksh Chaudhary Family & Education Background

Yaksh Chaudhary comes from the Uttar Pradesh region of Amroha. He attended SS Academy Amroha for his education. He attended school in Hindi Medium up until the eighth grade, and from the ninth to the twelfth grades, he attended Amroha exclusively. He moved to Kota to begin IIT JEE preparation after completing his 12th-grade year. He enrolled in IIT Guwahati after passing the IIT exam. From IIT Guwahati, he earned a B.Tech. in civil engineering. He participated in a variety of social activities during his time in college. He was a very active member of both the Secretary of Youth Empowerment club and one of his college’s societies. He only came up with the concept of Civil Services because he was actively involved in a variety of social activities. After receiving his diploma, he began studying for the Civil Services examination. He performed well academically during his entire school career.

Yaksh Chaudhary Optional Subject

His UPSC preparation option subject is sociology. He selected this subject because, while reviewing the sociology course syllabus, he found that it was comprehensive and really useful.

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Yaksh Chaudhary UPSC Topper Marksheet

Essay (paper I)133
General Studies 1 (paper II)113
General Studies 2 (paper III)093
General Studies 3 (paper IV)099
General Studies 4 (paper V)104
Optional 1 (Sociology ) (paper VI)141
Optional 2 (Sociology ) (paper VII)152
Written Total835
Personality test180
Final total1015

IAS Yaksh Chaudhary UPSC Handwritten Notes 

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Yaksh Chaudhary UPSC Motivation & Inspiration

In order to learn how he can assist people, he interacted with the bureaucrats in his local administration department a lot. His primary motivation for passing the UPSC was to better serve his community. He did this to express his thanks to his professors and mentors, who served as true torchbearers along the perilous UPSC route.

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