IAS Topper Ishita Kishore Rank-1, 2022, Age, Marksheet, Education, Preparation and Biography

Ishita Kishore, the top IAS (Indian Administrative Service) candidate, is one such exceptional person. From a little village to the pinnacle of success and inspiration, Ishita’s career has been nothing short of incredible. We will explore Ishita Kishore’s life and achievements in this blog, examining her uncompromising dedication to public service and unrelenting pursuit of greatness.

Ishita Kishore IAS Topper 2022

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  • Impact of her Success
  • IAS Journey and Prospects
  • Frequently Asked Questions
NameIshita Kishore
RankAIR 1
Exam Year2022
Roll Number5809986
Total Number of attempts3
Optional SubjectPolitical Science and International Relations
Marital StatusNot Known
CityUttar Pradesh
Ishita Kishore UPSC Details

IAS Ishita Kishore Early Years and Education

Ishita Kishore, who grew up in a modest household in a rural part of India, has always excelled in the classroom. She fostered her love of study and a great interest in social concerns thanks to her parents’ encouragement. Ishita Kishore, a remarkable person with a solid academic background, received her degree in Economics from Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce in 2017. Ishita showed a great commitment to her academics while in college, frequently turning in excellent grades. Her interests, however, were not only scholarly. Since her school days, Ishita has actively participated in athletics and demonstrated her abilities as an all-around athlete. Her dedication to both academic and extracurricular activities revealed her well-rounded character. She actively participated in extracurricular activities while in college, developing her leadership abilities and obtaining a comprehensive awareness of social concerns.

The Path to Success of Ishita Kishore UPSC

Ishita decided on a career in public service because of her unyielding dedication and desire to have a good effect on society. She started the difficult process of getting ready for the UPSC’s Civil Services Examination after completing her undergraduate education. Ishita was able to get a high rank on her third try because of her thorough commitment to preparation and intellectual prowess. Her achievement was not the result of chance; rather, it was the result of her tenacious efforts and unwavering dedication to her objectives.

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IAS Ishita Kishore Preparation Strategy

Ishita claims she prepared everything at home. Everyone has setbacks in life, but the UPSC top performer suggests continuing to work through them. She claimed that the UPSC preliminary exams had been crucial for her. Having  presence of mind throughout the interviews is extremely important. Nobody is an expert at everything, according to one of the interviewees. She claims that they are not there to remove you.

IAS Topper Ishita Kishore Family

Wing Commander Sanjay Kishore, the father of Ishita, was a member of the Indian Air Force. She acquired a tremendous enthusiasm for serving the country due to her family’s strong military past. Ishita’s parents, who were both experts in their areas, supported her in pursuing her goals and exploring her hobbies. They provided her with the resources she needed, whether it was books, educational materials, or guidance, to excel academically.

Ishita’s family stressed the significance of moral principles, compassion, and social duty in addition to providing academic help. They helped her develop a feeling of social responsibility and actively encouraged her to participate in volunteer work and social work.

The Impact of IAS Ishita Kishore’s Sucess

The remarkable accomplishment of Ishita as the IAS top performer has had a significant impact on society. Numerous people who want to join the civil service can look to her success story for hope and motivation. She has established herself as a role model for young minds by demonstrating that one can achieve great heights through hard work, perseverance, and ethical principles. Ishita’s story has lighted a feeling of direction and inspiration in the hearts of many, empowering them to seek after their fantasies and have a constructive outcome on the planet.

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The IAS Ishita Kishore Journey and Prospects

Ishita Kishore’s journey of excellence and impact continues as an IAS officer. She is committed to enacting policies that encourage sustainable development, economic growth, and social welfare. Her extensive information, solid moral qualities, and commitment to public help empower her to handle difficulties head-on and have a substantial effect in the existences of the residents she serves. Ishita’s vision reaches out past managerial obligations; she imagines a general public where correspondence, equity, and potential open doors are open to all.

Ishita Kishore’s fantastic excursion from a modest community to turning into the IAS clincher represents the force of assurance, difficult work, and a well established want to serve society. Millions of people are inspired by her story and believe that no dream is too big to achieve. The transformative potential of people who strive to make a difference in the world is demonstrated by Ishita’s unwavering dedication to academic excellence and social impact. Ishita’s story will live on as a reminder of the power of one person’s impact and the triumph of perseverance as she continues to pave the way for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Who is Ishita Kishore?

A1) Ishita Kishore, the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) candidate is the topper of year 2022

Q2) What is Ishita Kishore’s Age?

A2) Ishita Kishore is 27 years old as of 2023

Q3) How many attempts did Ishita Kishore give in UPSC?

A3) Ishita Kishore, after two unfortunate attempts cleared as UPSC topper in third

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