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Smriti Mishra has emerged as a shining star in the civil service after achieving an impressive fourth rank in the highly competitive UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam. This SEO-friendly article delves into the inspiring story of Smriti Mishra, focusing on her age, educational background, support from her family, and the method of strategic preparation that brought her remarkable success.

NameSmriti Mishra
Total Number of Attempts2
Roll Number0858695
Optional SubjectZoology
Marital StatusSingle
Father Rajkumar Mishra, CO-Second in Bareilly
Exam Year2022
Smriti Mishra Details

The Education and Background of Smriti Mishra IAS

Smriti Mishra is a brilliant individual whose dedication to public service fueled her career in the civil service. Smriti has previously had a massive effect by getting a high level in the UPSC assessment. She finished her schooling in Agra and proceeded to seek advanced education in law in Delhi. Smriti’s success can be attributed in large part to her hard work and solid academic background.

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Smriti Mishra IAS Family Support and Impact

Smriti Mishra credits her family’s unwavering support and encouragement for a lot of her success. During trying times, her confidence was boosted by the emotional support and belief in her abilities that she received from her siblings and parents. Their steady inspiration and direction helped her remain not entirely set in stone on her way to progress. Smriti’s family imparted to her the upsides of determination, difficult work, and honesty, which filled in as the bedrock of her planning process.

IAS Smriti Mishra Strategy for Preparation

Smriti Mishra’s path to the UPSC exam’s fourth rank was marked by meticulous planning, disciplined efforts, and a novel strategy. Here are the vital components of her arrangement procedure:

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge of the Coursework:
    Smriti went over the extensive UPSC syllabus in great detail, picking out the most important areas and subjects that needed in-depth study. Throughout her preparation, she developed a thorough understanding of the subjects, subtopics, and connections between them.
  2. Comprehensive research and current events:
    If you want to do well on the UPSC exam, you need to be up to date on current events. Smriti spent a lot of time reading newspapers, magazines, and online resources to stay up to date on the most recent happenings at home and abroad. She was able to incorporate knowledge of current affairs into her preparation as a result, resulting in a comprehensive comprehension of contemporary issues.
  3. Time Management and a Plan for Strategic Study:
    Smriti outlined daily, weekly, and monthly objectives in a well-organized study plan. She allocated specific time slots for each subject throughout her preparation to ensure balanced coverage. Smriti maximized productivity and reduced the likelihood of topic omission by adhering to her study plan and effectively managing her time.
  4. Extensive Use of Online Resources and Technology:
    Perceiving the force of innovation, Smriti saddled web-based assets, instructive applications, and e-learning stages to enhance her readiness. She utilized innovation to get significant review materials, mock tests, and intelligent review gatherings. This permitted her to widen her insight base, interface with similar wannabes, and gain openness to different points of view.
  5. Mock Tests and Question Papers from Previous Years:
    Smriti regularly completed practice exams and question papers from previous years to evaluate her preparedness and improve her exam taking abilities. She was able to practice in conditions that were similar to those found on an exam, get a feel for the pattern of the exam, and improve her time management and ability to write answers.
  6. Self-Assessment and Constant Improvement:
    Smriti kept a propensity for self-assessment all through her planning. She basically investigated her assets and shortcomings, looking for open doors for development. She tailored her study plan in accordance with the areas that required additional focus, ensuring a focused and effective approach.
  7. Assistance and Guidance:
    Smriti sought advice from seasoned mentors and subject matter experts because she was aware of the importance of mentoring. She joined presumed training organizations and effectively partook in studios, classes, and conversation gatherings. Her mentors’ insights and strategies were crucial in shaping her preparation strategy and boosting her confidence.

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Smriti Mishra’s remarkable accomplishment of earning the fourth rank on the UPSC exam is a testament to her unwavering determination, meticulous preparation, and dedication to her objective. Her story of success can serve as an example to others who want to work in the public sector. Smriti’s success can be attributed in large part to her thorough comprehension of the syllabus, emphasis on current affairs, strategic study plan, efficient time management, self-evaluation, and mentorship. Smriti’s journey demonstrates the significance of family support, perseverance, and continual improvement in addition to her academic accomplishments. In order to navigate their own path to success in the challenging area of the UPSC examination, aspirant civil servants can benefit from her experience and utilize her insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Who is Smriti Mishra?

A1) Smriti Mishra, the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) candidate is the Fouth ranker of year 2022

Q2) How many attempts did Smriti Mishra give in UPSC?

A2) Uma, after one unfortunate attempt cleared as UPSC third ranker in the Second attempt.

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