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Ghana Navya James, an exemplary individual, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 6th rank in the prestigious UPSC examination. Her unwavering determination, exceptional educational background, and meticulous preparation strategy have propelled her to this remarkable achievement. This article delves into the life of Ghana Navya James, exploring her age, education, family background, and the strategies she employed to excel in the UPSC examination.

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NameGahana Navya James
Optional SubjectPolitical Science And International Relations
Number of Attempts2
Hometown/CityPala, Kottayam
Roll Number2409491
Exam Year2022
IAS Gahana Navya Details

IAS Gahana Navya’s Age and Education:

Gahana Navya James, at a young age, has already made an indelible mark in the field of civil services. , she is 25 years old. Her educational journey is commendable, having pursued her primary and secondary education with great dedication.

Gahana graduated from St. Thomas College in Pala with a first-place MA in political science. She earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Alphonsa College in Pala.

In the classroom, Gahana has always performed exceptionally well; She got the job without any training. She learned and gathered information through newspapers and the Internet. Since she was a child, she read newspapers, which helped her prepare for UPSC exams and tried to change her mind about a variety of topics and developments.

After receiving the Junior Research Fellowship in the UGC NET exam, she is currently working toward her PhD in international relations. She attended Chavara Public School through the tenth grade and St. Mary’s School through the eleventh and twelfth grades.

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IAS Gahana Navya’s Family Background:

Behind every successful individual, there is a supportive family. Ghana Navya James hails from a close-knit and supportive family. Her parents, have always been her pillars of strength and have encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Their unwavering support and belief in her abilities played a vital role in her journey to success.

Her father is a professor who has retired. She is also the niece of India’s Ambassador to Japan, IFS officer Sibi George. She claimed that her younger brother, who is a degree student at St. Thomas College, and her uncle were major sources of motivation for her. A career as a civil servant or public servant was Gahana’s childhood aspiration.

IAS Gahana Navya’s Preparation Strategy:

Ghana Navya James’s success in the UPSC examination can be attributed to her meticulous preparation strategy. She recognized the immense competition and challenges associated with the exam and approached her preparation with utmost dedication. Here are the key elements of her strategy:

  1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage:
    Ghana Navya James thoroughly analyzed the UPSC syllabus and divided it into manageable sections. She created a detailed study plan, ensuring that she covered each topic comprehensively. This approach helped her build a strong foundation in various subjects and ensured no vital topic was left untouched.
  2. Extensive Reading and Research:
    To augment her knowledge and understanding, Ghana Navya James devoted ample time to extensive reading and research. She relied on authoritative sources such as newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and relevant books to enhance her knowledge on diverse topics, including current affairs, governance, history, and more.
  3. Effective Time Management:
    Time management is crucial when preparing for a demanding examination like the UPSC. Ghana Navya James efficiently managed her time by setting realistic study goals and adhering to a strict schedule. She allocated specific time slots for each subject, ensuring balanced coverage across the syllabus. Regular breaks and relaxation activities were also incorporated to maintain focus and avoid burnout.
  4. Mock Tests and Revision:
    Recognizing the importance of practice, Ghana Navya James regularly took mock tests to assess her knowledge and identify areas of improvement. Mock tests helped her develop better time management skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and gain familiarity with the exam pattern. She also emphasized regular revision to consolidate her learning and retain information effectively.
  5. Guidance and Mentorship:
    Ghana Navya James sought guidance from experienced mentors and successful UPSC candidates. Their insights and expertise helped her gain valuable tips, strategies, and a deeper understanding of the examination’s nuances. She attended workshops, and seminars, and joined online study groups to interact with peers and share knowledge.

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IAS Gahana Navya’s Marksheet

Gahana Navya’s remarkable marksheet exemplifies his exceptional knowledge and understanding of various subjects. His scores in the UPSC examinations reflect his dedication, hard work, and comprehensive preparation.

Subject-wise, Abhinav secured outstanding marks in areas such as General Studies, Essays, and Optional Subjects. His ability to present his ideas coherently and concisely was evident in his essay score. Furthermore, his command of the optional subject showcased his in-depth knowledge and analytical skills.

Gahana Navya James’s remarkable achievement of securing the 6th rank in the UPSC examination is a testament to her unwavering dedication, perseverance, and strategic approach. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspirants across the nation, motivating them to pursue their dreams with passion and resilience.

With her outstanding academic background, family support, and well-structured preparation strategy, Gahana Navya James has carved a path to success in the civil services arena, leaving an indelible mark on society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Who is Gahana Navya?

A1) Gahana Navya, the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) candidate is the sixth topper of year 2022

Q2) What is Gahana Navya’s Age?

A2) Gahana Navya is 26 years old as of 2023

Q3) How many attempts did Gahana Navya give in UPSC?

A3) Gahana Navya, after one unfortunate attempt cleared as UPSC topper in the second

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