IAS Topper Apala Mishra UPSC Rank- 9, 2020, Marksheet, Age, Family, Education & Biography

Do you believe in the word ‘impossible’? Well, the answer is no and this is proved by a native of Delhi who secured AIR 9 in the UPSC CSC exam 2020, Apala Mishra. She set a new record for the interview round by scoring 215 points. She is a Dentist. And this was her third attempt. Where she shines among the top 10 toppers of the UPSC exam 2020. 24 years old is Apala Mishra’s age. Her optional subject was anthropology. She started her UPSC preparation at a very young age. Her hard work and dedication help her to reach success and make her dream come true.

IAS Topper Apala Mishra UPSC AIR 9, 2020

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IAS Topper Apala Mishra’s Brief Information

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Apala Mishra UPSC Biography

In the year 2020, many toppers of UPSC who had worked hard to reach here, of them have different stories, one of them is that of Apala Mishra. This aspirant topped the UPSC exam in 2020. She chose to serve in the Indian police service. Her early years were spent in Jharkhand, but she was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in 1997. Amitabh Mishra, her father, is a retired military officer, and her mother, Dr Alphana, is a professor.

Apala Mishra believes that she can achieve anything she works for. Her determination makes her personality unique from everyone else. She completed her schooling at Delhi Public school Rohini. After that, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree from the Army College of Dental Sciences. 

Apala Mishra UPSC Family Background

Apala Mishra’s father, Amitabh Mishra. A retired Military Officer. Dr Alphana, Apala’s mother, is a professor. Her brother’s name is Abhilekh Mishra. The late novelist Hazari Prasad Dwivedi was her grandfather.

IAS Topper Apala Mishra UPSC AIR 9, 2020

Apala Mishra UPSC Education Background

She completed her schooling at Delhi Public school Rohini. She attended school in Dehradun until the 10th grade after that she moved to Delhi for the 11th and 12th. After that, she completed her bachelor’s degree from the Army College of dental sciences in Hyderabad. Then with her degree, she went to work as a Dentist. Later she started her preparation for the UPSC exams.

Apala Mishra UPSC Marksheet

 here is the summary of Apala Mishra UPSC Marksheet: –

Apala Mishra UPSC Topper Marks Obtain

Apala Mishra UPSC Optional Subject

Apala Mishra’s optional subject strategy was very understanding. She chose Anthropology as her optional subject for the UPSC exam. She believes that one should never doubt oneself because self-doubt is the most common thing that happens. According to her, one should believe in their strategy and techniques.

IAS Apala Mishra UPSC Handwritten Notes

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Apala Mishra Preparation Strategy

From her educational background, the syllabus was different. Apala Mishra chose to learn hybrid methods. She used to clear her concepts online which are hard to understand from books. According to her, some topics are not well explained in books. That is why she took help from the internet. 

Time management is the most important mantra for preparation for the UPSC examination. Aspirants have very little time in hand during preparation. And there are endless things to revise and read. Therefore, time management is the most important key strategy for any candidate who applied for the UPSC examination. 

Apala Mishra prepared for the exam for about 7 to 8 hours daily. She said it is not important how much time you devote to your preparation. But the most important thing is how much you utilize the time you devote. She decided to complete her topic in time. This means she noted the time for each topic. This helps her to prepare notes for each topic for her paper. 

Apala Mishra’s optional subject schools were really good. Also, her mark sheet shows a great score in the Mains exam. She believes that one should start preparation for mains from the start itself. Because there is less time gap between the papers of Prelims and Mains. You should combine and integrate your preparation from the start. Also, you should focus on your answer-writing skills from the start of the preparation journey. 

Mishra also mentioned that you should start your answer writing from the static portion rather than the current affairs portion. You should be confident and fully prepared for your UPSC examination.

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