IAS Topper Awanish Sharan UPSC Rank- 10, 2009, Age, Marksheet, Biography & Current Posting

Who is Awanish Sharan?

Awanish is a real-life example of how you can become a civil servant by passing the UPSC test even if you have poor academic credentials. Awanish is also known as Awanish Kumar Sharan. Awanish Sharan IAS batch of 2009 is from Bihar, India. Awanish Sharan IAS rank was AIR 10. He is currently serving in the Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh.

Awanish Sharan IAS, batch 2009
FULL NAMEAwanish Sharan
DATE OF BIRTH20 January 1981
HEIGHT174cm (approx.)
WEIGHT68kg (approx.)
GRADUATIONPrivate College
HOMETOWNSamastipur, Bihar
Brief Information on Awanish Sharan

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Table of Content:

  • Awanish Sharan Biography
  • Awanish IAS Education
  • Awanish Sharan IAS Optional Subjects
  • Awanish IAS Family
  • IAS Awanish UPSC Handwritten Notes
  • Awanish Sharan IAS Posting
  • Summary

Awanish Sharan Biography

Awanish is born on 20 January 1981 in Samastipur in the state of Bihar. Awanish Sharan IAS age is 42 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquaris. Awanish Sharan IAS rank was AIR 10. He belongs to the Chhattisgarh cadre.

His height is 174cm and his weight is 68kg approximately.

Awanish gained media attention when, in 2017, when he made the admirable decision to have his wife born in a government hospital before enrolling his young daughter in a government school. In reality, it is highly commendable when someone uses government services while still in a position of authority and then tries to convince us that these services are still of the highest caliber.

Awanish IAS Education

From elementary school through college, Awanish Kumar Sharan IAS received his education from Bihar’s government schools and colleges. In his tenth test, which he took in 1996, he received 44.5% of the possible points. He finished the 12th grade in 1998 and received a 65%. He graduated in 2002 with only a 60% overall grade point average.

Awanish Sharan Marksheet of 10th

The Marksheet of Awanish is given below:

Avneesh posted his grade report from the tenth grade on social media. He scored board tests for the tenth grade is evident from his grade report. Out of 700 points, he received only 314. According to his grade report, he received 54 out of 100 for Hindi, 30 out of 100 for Sanskrit, 31 out of 100 for Mathematics, 21 out of 50 in Physics, 18 out of 50 for Chemistry, and 26 out of 50 for Biology.

Awanish Sharan IAS Optional Subjects

For his optional subjects for the UPSC exams, Awanish selected Hindi language literature and history.

Awanish Sharan IAS Interview

Awanish IAS Family

Awanish was born in the village of Kevata in the Bihar region of Samastipur. He came from a very low-income family and had a strong drive to provide for his family from a young age. With regard to everything he had desired since he was a child, he wished to give them the best opportunities possible. His mother’s name is unknown, and his father’s name is Lokesh Sharan. Arjun Sharan, one of his brothers, was unsuccessful in his first effort to pass the UPSC. He was always an exceptional and diligent student who took a great interest in his studies and occasionally used a lantern to study.

Awanish Sharan IAS wife’s name is not known. They got married in the year 2010. They have two children, named Vedika and Kritika.

IAS Awanish UPSC Handwritten Notes

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Awanish Sharan IAS Posting

Awanish was first employed by the Government of Chhattisgarh as an assistant collector in May 2011 and as a district magistrate from September 2011 to July 2012. He served as the Municipal Corporation’s commissioner as well. Additionally, he was appointed Additional Collector in May 2015, Chief Executive in August 2015, District Magistrate in April 2018, Chief Executive in Skill Development in June 2020, and the Department of Technical and Adult Education in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Awanish is currently serving in the Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh.


On 20 January 1981, Awanish was born in Samastipur, Bihar. He is 42 years old. In order to encourage others to use the government hospital, Awanish abandoned the opportunities and advantages of having a private hospital and brought his wife to a government hospital when she was experiencing labor pains. He also required his daughter to attend a government institution. He is currently serving in the Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is Awanish’s age?

Ans: He is 42 years old.

Q2. How much did Awanish score in his class 10?

Ans: Awanish scored 314 in his class 10 board examination.

Q3. Is Awanish married?

Ans: Yes, IAS officer Awanish is married. But his wife’s name is not known.

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