IAS Topper B Chandrakala UPSC Rank- 409, 2008, Current Posting,  Biography, Age, Marriage & Contact Number

B Chandrakala also known as Bhukhya Chandarakala Niru. She is an IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh of the batch 2008. Bhukhya Chandarakala is also known as ‘Lady Dabang’. Her rank was 409 in the UPSC examination in 2008. She gained notoriety for punishing subordinates in part as a result of widely watched videos in which she conducted surprise checks and criticized local officials for using subpar construction materials or poor sanitation.

B Chandrakala IAS, batch 2008
FULL NAMEB Chandrakala
DATE OF BIRTH27 September 1979
CASTEBanjara Tribe
Public Administration (4th attempt)
HEIGHT163 cm (approx.)
WEIGHT55 kg (approx.)
HUSBAND/WIFEHusband – A Ramulu
GRADUATIONKoti Women’s College, Hyderabad
HOMETOWNGarjanapalli, Yellareddy Mandal, Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh
HOBBIESTraveling, Cooking, Reading, Gardening
NET WORTH$2 – $5 Million (approx.)
Brief Information on B Chandrakala

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Table of Content:

  • B Chandrakala Biography
  • B Chandrakala Education
  • Bhukhya Chandarakala Attempt
  • B Chandrakala Family
  • B Chandrakala Marriage
  • B Chandrakala Career
  • IAS B Chandrakala UPSC Handwritten Notes
  • IAS Bhukhya Chandarakala Preparation Strategy
  • Summary

B Chandrakala Biography

Bhukhya Chandarakala was placed 409th place in 2008 after taking and passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil service examination on her fourth attempt. She was born on September 27, 1979, in the Andhra Pradesh state of Telangana, in Garjanapalli, Yellareddy Mandal, Karimnagar. B Chandarakala is currently 44 years old.

B Chandrakala IAS officer’s height and weight are 163 cm and 55 kg approximately. Her hobbies are traveling, cooking, reading, and gardening. B Chandrakala contact number is not known. She is a member of the SC/ST group. Her net worth is $2 – $5 Million approximately.

B Chandrakala Education

Bhukhya Chandrakala attended Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ramagundam, for her education and eventually relocated to Hyderabad to finish her degree. She graduated from Koti Women’s College at Osmania University in Hyderabad with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. She also completed her distance learning master’s in economics at Osmania University in Hyderabad. The officer had a young marriage. After getting married, she continued her education, though. She chose to carry on with her education instead. Chandrakala was selected as the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies after placing first in the Group 1 Services of the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. With her husband’s assistance, she studied and showed up for the Civil Services exam, earning 409th place on her fourth try.

Bhukhya Chandarakala Attempt

B Chandrakala IAS Tamil Nadu needed four tries to pass the UPSC exam. She, unfortunately, failed her first three tries at the UPSC exam. However, she was successful in passing the IAS examination on her fourth try, earning an all-India rank of 409 in 2007. In her prior efforts, she had chosen geography as an elective. However, she subsequently changed to Public Administration.

Brave Lady DM of Bulandshahr, IAS B. Chandrakala

B Chandrakala Family

Bhukhya Chandrakala was born into a Hindu family to B. Lakshmi, her mother, who is an entrepreneur, and B. Kishan, a former senior technician from the Fertilizer Corporation of India, Ramagundam. She is the third child of her parents, and she has two brothers: B. Mahaveer, a banker at the State Bank of India in Karimnagar, and B. Raghuveer, a younger sibling who works as a technical officer for the DLRL Organization. B. Meena is her older sibling.

B Chandrakala Marriage

While enrolled in her second year of a B.A., Chandrakala married A Ramulu, a senior engineer for the Ramsagar Project. Kirthi Chandra, the couple’s daughter, is a blessing.

B Chandrakala Career

B. Chandarakala has been relocated despite the fact that her diligence and talent have helped her succeed in new ways everywhere she has gone. From 2009 to 2012, she was appointed as an SDM and CDO in Allahabad. She is a pro at social networking and utilizes it frequently. She reprimanded the authorities for their negligence in the open while inspecting the road building. The video of her yelling at the contractors and officials in Uttar Pradesh for their subpar work and the damage to freshly built roads has gone viral, and her sentiments were shared by millions of Indians.

Bhukhya Chandarakala was named the District Magistrate of Hamirpur in 2012, and on June 8, 2014, she was transferred to Mathura. She consequently became Mathura’s second female district judge. Bhukhya Chandarakala was named district magistrate of Bulandshahr in 2015 and later moved to Bijnor in the same capacity. She received criticism while acting as the District Magistrate of Bijnor for reopening a slaughterhouse in Sahaspur, Bijnor. Bhukhya Chandarakala was also named Meerut’s District Magistrate on September 15, 2016.

Bhukhya Chandarakala served as a district magistrate for the benefit of the general populace before being appointed director of the Swachch Bharat Mission by the NDA administration in 2017. She went back to her home state of Uttar Pradesh in 2017 and was given the position of Special Secretary to the Madhyamik Siksha Vibhag. Due to her outstanding performance, she was named deputy secretary at the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation as part of the Swatch Bharat Mission. She was investigated by the CBI in January 2019 for allegedly breaking the law in 2012 while serving as Hamirpur’s District Magistrate to issue sand mining permits.

B Chandrakala IAS Current Posting

B Chandrakala current posting 2022 is as the special secretary to the government of Uttar Pradesh of Agricultural Production Commissioner (APC) Branch, Lucknow.

IAS B Chandrakala UPSC Handwritten Notes

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IAS Bhukhya Chandarakala Preparation Strategy

Following is Chandrakala’s training strategy:

  • B Chandrakala passed the UPSC test on his fourth try. This demonstrates how tenacious she was because she would not have kept making attempts after the first one if she wasn’t. After passing the test, resilience is another necessary quality for an IAS official.
  • Giving up shouldn’t be an option. If you are having trouble with your UPSC training, you must pinpoint the issue and provide a fix. Despite the fact that it took B Chandrakala 4 tries to finally succeed, she never gave up on her goal of becoming an IAS official.
  • The key to preparing for the UPSC is consistency. Since B Chandrakala was married at the time of her preparation, she also had to fulfill other obligations, but despite this, she consistently worked on her preparation.


Bhukhya Chandarakala was born on 27 September 1979 in Garjanapalli, Karimnagar. Her rank in the UPSC examination 2008 was AIR 409. She received her graduate degree from Hyderabad’s Koti Women’s College. A Ramulu is her husband’s name. She is currently serving as the special secretary to the government of Uttar Pradesh of the Agricultural Production Commissioner (APC) Branch, Lucknow. Public Administration was her optional subject in her last attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is Bhukhya Chandrakala’s age?

Ans: He is 44 years old.

Q2. Where did Bhukhya Chandrakala finish her graduation?

Ans: Bhukhya Chandrakala finished her graduation from Koti Women’s College, Hyderabad.

Q3. Is Bhukhya Chandrakala married?

Ans: Yes, Bhukhya Chandrakala is married to A Ramulu.

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