IAS Topper Bhawna Garg UPSC Rank- 1, 1998, Rank, Husband, Biography

Bhawna Garg IAS was the first woman to be appointed to the IAS on her own. This was her 1st attempt at the IAS examination and successfully secured rank 1. She cracked the exam when he was 23 years old. Bhawna Garg IAS rank was 1.

IAS Topper Bhawna Garg UPSC AIR 1, 1998

FULL NAMEBhawna Garg
HUSBAND/WIFEHusband – Ajoy Sharma
HOMETOWN/CITYJalandhar Cantonment, Punjab
OPTIONAL SUBJECTMaths and Chemistry
GRADUATIONIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Brief Information on Bhawna Garg IAS Topper

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  • Bhawna Garg IAS Biography
  • Bhawna Garg Family
  • Bhawna Garg Education
  • Bhawna Garg IAS Posting
  • IAS Bhawna Garg UPSC Handwritten Notes
  • Bhawna Garg IAS Preparation Strategy
  • Summary

Bhawna Garg IAS Biography

Bhawna Garg date of birth is 2nd November 1976. She was born in Jalandhar Cantonment which is in Punjab. Bhavna Garg’s family relocated from Jalandhar Cantt to Kapurthala after her birth. She is 46 years old now. Her hobby is listening to music. She speaks English, Hindi, and Punjabi. She began classical dancing in the year 2003.

Bhawna Garg used to share her room with her sisters, and they all studied in the same room without the use of any amenities such as an inverter or generator. She used to offer coaching to IIT students to cover her expenses, and when she returned to Jalandhar during the holidays, she taught 11th and 12th-grade students.

Bhawna Garg Family

Bhavna Garg is the daughter of Anand Kumar Garg, a junior engineer from Kapurthala and Radha Garg who is a housewife. She had three sisters and a brother. One of her sisters is settled abroad after completing her studies from Delhi IIT and Kolkata IIM, Rachna whom Bhawna used to tuition herself, was her batch’s medical topper and is currently working as Radiologist at Delhi AIIMS, her sister. Mitali, the youngest sister, did her B.Com and their brother Ankit is studying engineering.

Bhawna Garg IAS husband name is Ajoy Sharma. Ajoy Sharma is an IAS officer from Punjab who is also from the 1998 batch and is presently posted as the Secretary of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Punjab. They both are from an engineering background.

Bhavna Garg is the mother of two girls. Suhani, who is seven years old, and Khushi, who is ten years old. She also assists her maid’s three children with their studies.

Bhawna Garg Education

Bhavna Garg topped her class and enrolled in the convent school as the economic situation deteriorated and her goal of attending a convent school was not fulfilled. She stated that when she was in school, no one kept her on the sports squad because it is widely held that children who excel in academics do not excel in sports. Don’t worry, the PT teacher used to say, we’ll award good grades ourselves. But she didn’t want to be pitied. She began training in athletic events in school for three to four hours per day. Given their financial conditions, Bhawna Garg IAS topper 1998 and all her sisters preferred spending money on books rather than buying clothes.

In 1994, she received first place in the Combined Entrance Test, an open competitive test for admission to engineering colleges. There were only ten females among the 320 students in her class. Everyone advised her to enrol in the Chandigarh PEC but, seeing her passion, her parents granted me permission to attend IIT Kanpur. Bhawna Garg IAS topper 1998 graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering (1994-1998). She received Ratan Swarup Memorial Prize for outstanding overall achievement in all subjects of the undergraduate programmes of study at IIT Kanpur in 1998. She also earned a Master of Public Policy from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson Center in 2012.

Bhawna Garg IAS Punjab selected maths and chemistry as her optional subjects.

Bridging the Skill Gap | Bhawna Garg | TEDxSRMUWomen

Bhawna Garg IAS Posting

Bhawna Garg from the Punjab cadre bagged the first position in the IAS examination in the year 1998 in her first attempt. During Bhawna Garg’s career, she held several roles, including Special Secretary, Revenue and Director Disaster Management (2008-2013), Special Secretary, Science, Technology, and Environment (Jul 2012 – Aug 2013), Special Secretary Finance, Secretary Transport, and Secretary Cultural Affairs (Sep 2013 – Jan 2014).

In 2018, Bhawna Garg IAS Punjab joined as the Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), which is part of the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. She took over for Ram Subhag Singh, a Himachal Pradesh-cadre IAS official from the 1987 batch.

IAS Bhawna Garg UPSC Handwritten Notes

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Bhawna Garg IAS Preparation Strategy

During the Practice Test, IAS Bhawna Garg attempted to finish the paper 10 minutes sooner than the planned time for the Exam Hall. Because the Prelim is only a qualification exam, her attention was always drawn to the Mains. Nonetheless, she devoted an entire month of May to it in order to avoid any risk and subsequently be able to prepare for the mains without fear of failing the first stage. Bhawna took a 3-4 day rest break after Prelims, and she prepared a work schedule for the next 5 months and divided the next two months into three 20-day slots for each of the three topics.

Bhawna first completely revised Maths, then Chemistry, and finally GS until the General Studies exam on October 30th. She was unable to conduct any additional research for the Essay assignment. However, the high-quality essays for Civil Services published by CSR proved extremely helpful in providing an understanding of the methodology to attempt the next 15 days exclusively for the Math Paper and then the next 10 days for the Chemistry Paper. So having an adequate gap between the Exams was extremely beneficial to her.


Bhawna Garg IAS batch 1998, stood first in the All India Civil Service Examination from the state of Punjab. She was born in Jalandhar Cantonment, Punjab on 2nd November 1976. Bhawna passed the UPSC exam on her first try. She chose maths and chemistry as her optional subjects.

Bhawna Garg is currently working as the Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), which is part of the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Where is Bhawna Garg currently posted?

Ans: Bhawna Garg is currently posted as the Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI).

Q2. From where did Bhawna Garg complete her master’s?

Ans: Bhawna Garg did her master’s degree from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson Center.

Q3. How many children does Bhawna Garg have?

Ans: Bhawna Garg has two daughters, Khushi and Suhani.

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