IAS Topper S Divyadharshini, UPSC Rank- 1, 2010, Marksheet, Education & Biography

Divyadharshini IAS, who bagged AIR 1 in the year 2010, over the nation. She did not pass the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination on her first attempt, but she came in first place on her second attempt. She admired Abdul Kalam Sir (former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam) and her family.

IAS Topper S Divyadharshini UPSC AIR 1, 2010

Divyadarshini IAS comes from Chennai in Tamil Nadu and before passing the Civil Services Examination, Divyadharshini worked at the State Bank of India (SBI). Her father, V. Shanmugam, works as a customs consultant, while her mother, S. Padmavathi, is a housewife.

FULL NAMES Divyadharshini
OPTIONAL SUBJECTPublic Administration and Law
HOMETOWN/CITYChennai, Tamil Nadu
GRADUATIONDr Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

Brief Information on Sheena Aggarwal IAS Topper

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S Divyadharshini IAS biography

Divyadarshini IAS biography states that she was born on 21st May 1987 in Chennai and was raised there. She turned 36 years old in 2022. Her father, V Shanmugam, works as a private consultant, and her mother, S Padmavathi, is a housewife. Priyadarshini, her elder sister, works in Bangalore, and Gokulnath, her younger brother. Her parents were always supportive and motivating.

Divyadarshini IAS also told us that in her spare time, she watches cricket, listens to music, watches movies, and hangs out with her friends.

Divyadarshini IAS Education

Ddivyadarshini IAS had made the decision to become an IAS officer and had planned to continue her preparation till she had exhausted all attempts. Her parents were always supportive and encouraging of her decision.

S Divyadharshini IAS received 74% in CBSE board class 10 and 86% in class 12 from Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School in Chennai. She then earned a BA BL (Hons) degree from Dr Ambedkar Law University in Chennai’s School of Excellence in Law College. She had always considered taking the UPSC exam but only decided to do so in her third year of her BA BL (Hons) course.

Following her unsuccessful CSE attempt, she took a year to prepare for her second attempt in the prelims. Her parents had encouraged and supported, her throughout the process.

S Divyadharshini IAS selected Public Administration and Law as her optional subjects.

Topper S Divyadharshini IAS Marksheet


IAS Topper S Divyadharshini UPSC AIR 1, 2010

S Divyadharshini IAS Current Posting

S Divyadharshini IAS began her civil service career as an Assistant Collector in Coimbatore in 2012-13, before being appointed Sub Collector of Mayiladuthurai in Nagapattinam district in 2013-15. She declined baskets of fruits and only accepted books when she was met by officials. She was also the deputy Home Secretary and the secretary of the Public Works Department. She was also appointed as the district’s first collector in the newly formed Ranipet district. In an interview, she stated that she was doing this to effect positive change in her capacity as a federal servant. 

S Divyadharshini IAS Current Posting is the Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women’s Development Limited.


IAS S Divyadharshini UPSC Handwritten Notes

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IAS S Divyadharshini Preparation Strategy

Divyadarshini IAS stated that a genuine and good coaching centre will provide suitable assistance to guide us through the early days when one doesn’t know where to begin. Furthermore, the best aspect of the coaching centre is the exams that assist us to determine where we stand and how much more effort we need to put in. Coach Prabhakaran Sir of Prabhas IAS Academy guided her. She also noted that during her second effort, she relied heavily on the internet for information. She also used current affairs websites available on the internet, particularly those devoted to CSE courses.

S Divyadharshini IAS stated in an interview that she studies for four to five hours every day on average. Then, during exam time, put in a couple more hours. The most crucial preparation is to believe in yourself. S Divyadharshini IAS once said, “Adopt your own strategy and no one can be a better judge of yourself than you”.


S Divyadharshini IAS, 24, secured first place in the Civil Services Exam 2010. She was born to private consultant V Shanmugam and his homemaker wife S Padmavathi. Divyadharshini had been working at the State Bank of India (SBI) for the previous six months after passing the SBI Clerical Recruitment Exam in 2010. IAS officer received a total score of 1334 (58%). She studied Public Administration and law as electives. She looked up to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Which coaching classes did Divyadarshini IAS attend during her exam preparation?

Ans: Divyadarshini IAS attended Prabhas IAS Academy during her exam preparation.

Q2. Where did she complete her class 12 education?

Ans: She completed her class 12 education at Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School.

Q3. What were Divyadarshini IAS optional subjects?

Ans: Divyadarshini IAS optional subjects were Public Administration and Law.

Q4. When was the Divyadarshini IAS marriage?

Ans: Divyadarshini IAS is unmarried as of now.

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