IAS Topper S Nagarajan UPSC Rank- 1, 2004, Marksheet, Biography, Family

Nagarajan IAS, who received AIR 1 in 2004 and took over the country. S Nagarajan IAS cracked UPSC Civil Services in his 4th attempt in 2004 and secured the rank 1.

Nagarajan is from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, a state in India and worked as a doctor before taking the UPSC exam. His father S Sreenivasan worked as Divisional Engineer at BSNL while his mother, Vani also worked at BSNL as the Deputy General Manager.

IAS Topper S Nagarajan UPSC AIR 1, 2004
FULL NAMES Nagarajan
AGE44 YEARS (as of 2023)
OPTIONAL SUBJECTGeography and Sociology
HOMETOWN/CITYTirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
GRADUATIONBirla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

Brief Information on S Nagarajan IAS Topper

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  • Nagarajan IAS Biography
  • S Nagarajan Family
  • Nagarajan Education
  • IAS Topper S Nagarajan UPSC Marksheet
  • Nagarajan Attempt
  • Nagarajan IAS Posting
  • IAS S Nagarajan UPSC Handwritten Notes
  • IAS S Nagarajan Preparation Strategy
  • Summary

Nagarajan IAS Biography

S Nagarajan grew up in a district town where he saw the position of district collector as prestigious. Furthermore, the hard and thought-provoking character of this profession, as well as the opportunities to feel for the distresses of ordinary people and address their problems, prompted him to prepare for the UPSC civil services examination. His friends called him ‘Bheem’ since he was 190.50cm tall. His weight is 89.48 kg approximately.

Sujatha and Kalki are his favourite Tamil authors, whereas Asimov is his favourite English novelist. He used to read books as his only hobby.

S Nagarajan Family

Nagarajan was born on 8th February 1979 in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He is 44 years old now. He is the son of S Sreenivasan who worked as a Divisional Engineer at BSNL and his wife Vani also worked at BSNL as the Deputy General Manager. When he was in eighth grade, he told his parents that he had decided to become an IAS officer and they always encouraged him.

The Nagarajan topper is not considering marriage right now. The most eligible bachelor in Tamil Nadu is unsure of the type of woman he wants to marry.

Nagarajan Education

Nagarajan graduated from Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Computer Science with a grade point average of 95.4% in 1996. He graduated with honours from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in Rajasthan in 2000, with a CGPA of 3.8. In 2018, he received his master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Nagarajan selected geography and sociology as his optional subjects in his final attempt.

IAS Topper S Nagarajan UPSC Marksheet


IAS Topper S Nagarajan UPSC AIR 1, 2004

Nagarajan IAS Attempt

Nagarajan, after finishing his graduation, made his first attempt in the year 2000. He had passed the Civil Services Mains exam but had failed the final exam. His elective subjects at the time were electrical engineering and geography.

The physics curriculum will alter next year. So, along with Electrical Engineering, he decided on Geography because it has a very concise and comfortable course. He achieved 137th rank on his second attempt and was assigned to the Railway Traffic Services. He took a one-year break for training. In his third attempt, he selected Sociology and Geography as optional subjects. Sociology necessitates a far more in-depth study than Geography.

Nagarajan Posting

Nagarajan has held numerous positions, including IAS Probationer at LBSNAA (2005-2006). Mussoorie, Tamil Nadu, Assistant Collector (2006-2007), Sub Collector (2007-2008), Additional Collector in Development (2008-2009), Additional Director of Rural Development (2010-2011) District Collector, Tamil Nadu (2011-2012) Vellore, Tamil Nadu, District Collector Kanyakumari (2012-2014) (2014-2016) Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. He is currently posted as the commissioner of Land Administration.

IAS S Nagarajan UPSC Handwritten Notes

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EDII-TN I International Day for MSMEs-2019 I Thiru S.Nagarajan IAS Speech

IAS S Nagarajan Preparation Strategy

UPSC preparation, in IAS Nagarajan’s opinion, should be planned, disciplined, scientific, meticulous, and comprehensive. A thorough revision is needed. UPSC candidates should not enter Prelims and waste efforts before having a clear understanding of the nature of the UPSC IAS exams and a strong mastery of the topics. He studied the book directly. One should study at least six hours a day, morning and evening three hours each.


Nagarajan IAS Tamil Nadu was ranked first in CSE 2005. Focused, dedicated, and astute hard work enabled him to get first place in the IAS Exam. He was born in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, on February 8, 1979. It took him four tries to pass the IAS exam. In his final attempt, he chose geography and sociology as optional subjects. He is currently the commissioner of the Land Administration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Why did S Nagarajan take a gap of one year?

Ans: S Nagarajan arose as a result of the training. In an interview, he added that he had no choice but to participate in the training.

Q2. Why did Nagarajan choose sociology?

Ans: Nagarajan said one of his friends Mr Deepak Chaudhary suggested taking sociology, as he felt that he had an aptitude for sociology rather than psychology.

Q3. How many attempts did it take S Nagarajan to clear the IAS exam?

Ans: It took IAS S Nagarajan four attempts to clear the IAS exam.

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