IAS Topper Samyak S Jain UPSC Rank AIR-7, Marksheet, Age, Family, Education & Biography

The most prestigious test offered nationwide is the UPSC exam. If you are a UPSC aspirant, then you must be looking for the results for 2021. Here is the whole Samyak S Jain UPSC biography and success story so that you can get motivated by his path and strive hard to realize your own goals.

Samyak Jain UPSC Biography: Here's the Preparation Strategy, UPSC Rank, and  Success Story of UPSC Gem!
IAS Topper Samyak S Jain UPSC AIR 7, 2021

IAS Samyak S Jain UPSC Biography

Here is the most inspirational story that will give you the strength, tenacity, and inspiration you need to fulfil your life’s goals. On May 30 of this year, the Union Public Service Commission issued the UPSC result for 2021. The UPSC rank of Samyak Jain is AIR-7.

Samyak is a Delhi native who attended school in the city itself. His parents are all employees of Air India. His mother and he share a home because his father is in Paris. He had tried twice before. He was unable to complete the main examination on his first attempt. Speaking about the first try, he previously stated that there was a lot of water tasting involved since he needed to know how it would turn out. He is a PWD candidate because he is visually handicapped.

In addition, he needed his mother to write down the results of my tests. He used to read literature in digital format for preparation. He thought to be fortunate to have parents and friends who are so encouraging.

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Samyak Jain UPSC Topper Education

Samyak attended school in Delhi where he earned an honours BA in English. After that, he travelled to the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) to get a Postgraduate Diploma in English Journalism. At Jawaharlal Nehru University, Samyak later completed his Master’s in International Relations (JNU). In the UPSC, he chose to study political science and international relations.

Samyak S Jain Optional Subject

Let us learn more about this extraordinarily brave and devoted individual. Samyak IAS unbeatable UPSC top performer completed his education. He earned an honours BA in English upon graduation. Then, to complete a PG degree in English journalism, he went to the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Samyak then completed his Masters in international relations at a prestigious national university as a result of his interest in international relations.

He enrolled in faculty courses at UPSC in the areas of government and international relations. He began his planning during the lockdown (March 2020), when he had plenty of time to research due to his solitude at home.

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Samyak Jain UPSC Preparation Strategy

Being obstinate, constant, and concentrated is the finest preparation method for passing India’s hardest exam. Additionally, he thinks that consistency is the key to passing the exam. He also used to spend at least seven hours every day studying. Maintain an optimistic outlook and persistently think that you can do this. As previously indicated, keep your consistency.

Always be assessing yourself; choose practice exams. People typically believe that there are too many opportunities for UPSC; even for the general class, there are six chances. People are often saying, “If not now, then next time,” in this region. This UPSC candidate believes that this is frequently the problem or difficulty that arises. They should anticipate that this is either going to make it or break it. As a result, you may achieve your goals by committing yourself to them and continuing to study.

Samyak Jain UPSC Booklist

Samyak Jain solely studied for the UPSC Civil Services Examination in digital format because of his vision impairment. Finding the digital versions of every standard book that is popular in the UPSC preparation area, such as M.’s Indian Polity, Laxmikanth, Nitin Singhania’s Indian Economy, RS Sharma’s Ancient History, Spectrum’s Modern History, and others’ GC Leong’s Geography was at first difficult for him. 

However, Samyak Jain’s mother gave him a lot of assistance in compiling study guides and other resources for this test. She attempted to make Samyak’s study materials available in digital form by whatever means, including browsing the Internet, contacting many coaches, or just scanning into soft copy. She actually scanned every page of several books. Samyak Jain finished his test preparation in this manner, passing on his second try.

Samyak Jain’s efforts as an upcoming IAS officer will also serve as motivation for society and the general public since his life narrative truly serves as an example for everyone.

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